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The Anti Food Revolution

The way in which we consume and produce food is long overdue for an overhaul.

When we make food, we destroy the world around us.  Fishing, livsestocking, and evasive farming tactics create an end game that none of our children will be thankful for.  There simply hasn’t been any feasible solutions to hunger other than simply producing more food.

When we eat food, we are filling our bodies with unknown amounts of poison.  In order to efficiently produce mass quantities of over-sized food, we rely heavily on artificial sources of growth and mass production.  It has yet to be determined (though radically debated) to what effect chemical additives have on our total health.  What we do know, at least in this country, is that food is more delicious than it has ever been.  70% of our population is obese or overweight.  I’m no doctor, but from what I understand, if you’re obese and you fail to unobese yourself, you can pretty much kiss the quality and longevity of your life goodbye.  Everyone in this free country has the right to do with their bodies as they please, that is the double-edged sword of freedom that we can never entirely replace,  but there are people who would not choose to be obese.  They eat McDonalds because it fulfills a requirement for sustenance for the least amount of money.  It is the fail-safe meal for people that eat for survival rather than fun.

We are demanding more food,  our population is growing exponentially, and millions of people are facing famine in places where resources are not as plentiful.  It’s a strange and unbalanced equation.

Fat Guy Obesity

Stew in that for a minute.  Take it all in…yeah.

We’re in a pretty bad place at the moment, or so it may appear.  The rational person may have read this post up to this point and thought, well we’re totally screwed, I’m no longer procreating.    Don’t act so fast, mutilator.  We are going to need your rational children to carry on the important projects of NOW.

I’m extremely optimistic about a few major breakthroughs in food.  If you eat, you should be equally excited.  If you don’t eat, please seek help immediately.

In no particular order, here are the advancements that I believe will change the way we sustain ourselves:

1. Shmeat– The story of the lab grown meat made the front page of Yahoo, so it’s certainly not sneaking up on anybody, but the gravity of this advancement has only been grazed by the media outlets that have covered the story.  When we no longer need cows to produce burgers, chickens to produce nuggets, or platypus to produce spam we inherently no longer need resource obliterating livestock facilities that are known to produce more environmental carcinogens than if the moon smoked moon-sized no-filter cigarettes.  Deforestation, let’s replace that with Reforesting.  Couple the Shmeat patty with large scale 3D Printers, and we also have ourselves a globally relevant solution for famine–No additive burgers whipped up in seconds with no negative environmental impact, anywhere in the world without slaughtering a single cow.

Questions I generally have about shmeat are:  ‘What is the response from vegetarians?’ and ‘Will it be Kosher?’


Though science has made the burger, consumed it and not created the zombie apocalypse in doing so, we are a long way from manufacturing a stable product from this breakthrough.  As the first burger cost in the ballpark of $325,000, we could be a decade or more away from cost effective shmeat.  In the meantime, the super rich will eat these tasteless patties to their hearts content.

Lab grown burger


2. Soylent – Products claiming that they can 1 for 1 replace your meals have long been marketed in this country to dieters.  Soylent has a different message to consumers; don’t replace one meal, replace ALL of your meals.  It is a customizable drink that manages to pack in all of the known nutrients that the body needs.  For consumers, this means the ability to consume valuable nutrition at a low relative cost.  Imagine the shift in the balance of power if those that cannot normally afford high nutrition value foods can suddenly improve the health and financial standing of their family.  Domestically, this is a win, but internationally this is an uprising.  A complete meal that just needs a clean source of water to be prepared could change the course for famine gripped communities:  3.5 million children die every year from hunger, FYI.


Though this product went hogwild on Kickstarter, it is relatively unproven.  The sample size of testing for the consumption of this drink is small and isolated.  The test will be if they can produce at any reasonably large capacity and fulfill promises of healthful meal replacement with any major side effects from customers.  Also, the name really sucks.  It could even pose as a major deterrent to those with some sense of historical science fiction.  They may have chosen the name Soylent to play on ‘Soylent Green (1973)’, which we all know is PEOPLE, but this water cooler type guerrilla stuff doesn’t work for me in this instance.   It’s too comical and slightly abhorrent for a product that may at some point seek government contracts.  

Is it delicious?  This is the most important question.  It could make you grow a magic beanstalk, but if doesn’t taste like real chocolate, nobody will buy it.

Soylent meal replacement drink


Of course we should, this is America for-crying-out-loud.  We are the land of the free and the innovative.

The biggest advancement that we can collect from this Anti-Food movement is that it is arriving in bunches.  Products that come before we are ready for them arrive on an island and face a daunting educational battle for consumers.  Together, lines of time saving, health inducing, cost cutting food products could cure many of the deaths we face by caloric intake and do their part to influence the world thought leaders and powerful social media users.

Could you swap 90% or even 50% of your meals for a shake or ‘clean’ lab burger if it meant adding 20 years to your life?

The Anti Food Revolution

The way in which we consume and produce food is long overdue for an overhaul. When we...
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