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I Increased Shopify Sales by 108%

I’ve been frustrated over the last 4 or 5 years as my Ugly Sweater sales have been somewhat stagnant. I’ve generally struggled to compete in the SERPs with the big budget jerks that inhale most of the oxygen in this baby niche. Because my domain is sweet ( and it’s extremely reliable for direct traffic, I decided to focus my attention this year on accelerating the revenue per visitor, rather than increasing the amount of visitors. If you think about it, the latter is almost always going to be more expensive and/or require more hours. This seemed like an obtainable opportunity after digging through the crates of forums and blog posts on how to increase sales on shopify.

Hours are important for us MicroPreneurs. Enter the shopify apps. For the most part, they are extremely easy to implement and test and a large amount of them are free (some freemium). Again, I spent very little time and money acquiring PR, bought media, paid social, etc. and almost completely ignored some glaring SEO deficiencies the site has.

Here are the resulting traffic numbers:.

Sessions (2017 vs 2016)

Pages / Session
4.64 vs 4.25

Avg. Session Duration
00:01:47 vs 00:01:33

The apps I used to maximize my traffic are the following:.

1. KIT – Kit can send custom emails to your customers thanking them for their purchase and promoting new products and discounts. Easy Instagram and Facebook ads. What a Godsend! I live the KIT app because it does the little things that I always overlook or would do if I wanted to put more hours to the cause. Automatically sending customers a ‘thank you’ email and database emailing past customers gave me an otherwise unrealized 10% repeat customer repurchase. That’s right, I went from a 0% rebuy to 10% just from sending out of the box canned emails!

2. MakeAnOffer – This app is pretty interesting as it engages potential bounces by popping up a box for users to make an offer on a product they were viewing. I’ve always wondered if my pricing strategy was appropriate as there aren’t many competitors to compare. I received a staggering 20 offers using this tool. Some of them were lame, but a high percentage I was able to accept right away or counter. 50% of the offers turned into business. The question I had with this source was whether those visitors may have converted at my retail rate had they been given the uninterrupted chance. However, my total revenue per sale was up 40% this year. Getting deals seemed to stimulate multiple unit orders.

3. Push Button Dropshipping – It’s hard to stay on trend in clothing niches when you are at the mercy of what people donate to Goodwill or how many big box department stores go out of business in your area. Shopify offers a number of solutions for sourcing new product that often requires a few clicks to integrate. It felt illegal how easy it was to refresh my inventory using a few different apps. There were a lot of pluses with this strategy, the profit spread and fulfillment control were not one of them. Most items sold were sourced from Eastern Bloc Europa or China and have had a crazy long delivery leg (resulting in some upset customers and refunds). 40% of all sales this year were for Dropship items!

4. Push Button Channel Integrations – You can buy S*** everywhere now!  Shopify has a solution for that.  For just about any platform you think you SHOULD be spending time getting exposure, Shopify has push button integrations to not only give you some affiliate toggling of your products, but also simply managing your inventory elsewhere.  EXAMPLE: I’ve always been too overwhelmed to extend myself over Ebay as it just seemed like more hassle that it was worth.  This year, in a few broadstrokes, I was able to launch a few hundred SKUs on Ebay and have my inventory auto correct on all channels when a sale was made ANYWHERE.   Mind – blown.  I’ve not only grabbed 10 orders from Ebay this year, but have seen previously unknown conversion sources start popping up.  Shopping from a game console?  I guess that’s a thing…

Here are some telling Ecomm numbers:.

Total Revenue

Total Orders

Avg. Order Value

Did I create an empire this year?  Hardly, even with the triple digit increase in shopify sales.

Growth is growth!

I still have a long way to go to be on par with the major sweater jerks.  Though, I could contend that none of them grew by as large a percent as I did this year.  All in all, after taking advantage of a few tools in the shopify toolbox, prospects are looking bright already for holiday season 2018.


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It’s taken me a relatively long time to be able to identify my successes, let alone celebrate them.  I used to think that acknowledging success meant settling…

but last week, I beat the machine…

and I can’t be happier about it.  More as a statement and validation than simply retaining a client.  The very thing that I’ve previously written about, robots taking our jobs, stating that those with innovation will survive, came full circle for me.

The story goes something like this (as I’ve come to understand it second and even third handed):

A client began directly interfacing with Facebook shortly after I launched their campaign seeking mobile app installs.  Our Facebook rep, after reviewing my work and the results of campaign (pretty darn good and improving) later referred my client to the Facebook Preferred Ad Vendor under the guise that ‘You could be doing much much better’.  Drinking aforementioned blue and white Kool Aid, the client put my services on hold to perform a week-over-week winner takes all comparison.

What was  I up against?

For starters, I am but one man.  I have no expensive machinery or macros, or software.  I use the Facebook Power Editor, MS Excel, and the native Facebook platform to manage ads and build campaigns.

Reviewing Facebook’s preferred ad vendor list, it could have been anyone of these companies that I was challenged by, but the long and the short is that any one of them would have more substantial bandwidth, technology, and big name clients to draw experience from.

What were/are my challenges?

As with any large scale campaign that is properly developed, the man hours required to manage were/are nearly full-time status with some likely human error always inflicting more pain and punishment.  The Facebook Ad Platform is simply not built to be the active manager of thousands of ads and terabytes of rolling data.  Moving things around, restructuring, and abiding by consistently evolving terms of service create a wild roller coaster of emotions without the assistance of the big software providers (Kenshoo, Wildfire, Acquisio, etc).  There are no alerts, budget monitors, or split test building devices in the stripped down version.  When an ad needs to be clipped or turned back on, my alarm clock is set at midnight and my netbook is always within arms length.

What happened?

The test agency was provided the same instruction, ad collateral, and budget that I had been given all along.  I tested first, which is not necessarily the drivers seat.

Keeping a tight loop on my mid-week budget, I rotated between 10 core targeting segments, adding and subtracting daily budget as performance dictated.  My findings have been that certain age and interest groups operate like migrating predatory fish, appearing at the same time in herds consuming everything in their path.  Over the weekend, I tripled my daily mid-week spend, capitalizing on an already existent engagement observation previously made by the client.

My results were pretty consistent with what I had been producing on a consistent basis, around 10%-15% growth from the previous week.

The opposition took an opposite approach spending the majority of their budget allocation over the first 3 days of the campaign.  As I only had an app ranking tracker to measure the competitor’s results, I was startled when rankings spiked in midweek. They tapered off and fell to the cellar by the weekend, leaving my perception cloudy.

When I was initially presented with this challenged, my expectation was that I had an incredibly daunting task at hand.  Facing just the challenge of new tech was enough to put me in a severe underdog position.  But, seeing ranking numbers that were very pedestrian gave me hope.


The Results

I didn’t receive direct communication from the client immediately after the test.  First word was that we should ‘resume spend as previous’, and I turned back on my money makers,  without delay.  My attached sales rep, who’d been heavily involved in the client management reported to me that from what he could gather, we (meaning I) had outperformed based on the early data.

I acknowledged that this was astounding for one person to even be in the ballpark of outperforming, as I was.  But, it ran even deeper than that.  The rumor mill began to turn, and third-hand people knew and asked me about my BIG win.  David had struketh Goliath, right in the stupid self-entitled face.

It turned out, that it was not even a close race.  Once the data tabulated, I completely mopped the floor with the opposition.  Discovering this, my client fired them in dramatic fashion, recommending that they seek my assistance in revamping their service.  They had mismanaged budget, oversold their capabilities, and didn’t meet any expectations.

Superior strategy and tactical fulfillment proved to be more effective than better technology and bandwidth. 

In this instance, I’ve further substantiated the innovation over robot theory by outperfoming a larger agency that uses global controls and technology versus my manual articulation of ads, but superior launch strategy.

Still wondering how I did it? 

I’m being pretty vague about the ACTUAL delivery method that made my campaign stop-drop-and open up shop.  You would too if you just beat the ‘best’.

I believe that the Facebook ad strategy I’ve used in this amazing win can be replicated for almost any industry.  I’ve spent almost $1million in the last three months testing.  If you would like to take a new, fresh approach to your Facebook marketing, I will back up all of my claims and pull back the curtain.  Simply fill out the form below and mention this post and I will be in contact shortly.









I Increased Shopify Sales by 108%

I’ve been frustrated over the last 4 or 5 years as my Ugly Sweater sales have been...
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It’s taken me a relatively long time to be able to identify my successes, let alone...
article post