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Get Fat & Rich for the Holidays

Get Fat & Rich for the Holidays

If you’re not selling jelly beans, Lincoln logs, or iPads, the holiday season could mean a period of sluggish business and a variety of distractions.  A lot of executives may travel and others just pack it in as there aren’t many decision makers around for…decisions.

What is there to do then for the entrepreneur or serial business hunter:  How about take a little time to connect with people outside of your circle, find a little culture, and explore while still keeping tabs on your analytics accounts from home?  The value in this activity will be a tall cold glass of refreshment, distant from fighting crowds at the mall and picking at remaining Thanksgiving leftovers well into December.

The holiday season is the ideal time to GET RICH.  Not financially however, more existentially.  If the economic boom blog post was the one you were seeking, I’m here to inform you that you can now look elsewhere.  This is not the droid you were looking for.

We’re getting rich with a new experience.

Let’s call it a sociological adventure.   We’re going to expand what seems to be an always shrinking world with the power of the pen.

Here’s what I’m doing and what I’d like to encourage you to do and report your findings…

1. Go to MapCrunch – A site that allows you to travel to a random place at the click of a button.

2. In the right hand side toolbar, leave all countries selected (as-is) and click the ‘Urban’ checkbox.  This will give you a higher likelihood of being randomized into a residential area, though they use a pretty loose definition of that.mapcrunch















3. Click ‘Go’, and for a few milliseconds, wait with anticipation.

4. Take a look at your location and try to get your bearings.  I was dropped in a neighborhood in Peru.


Peru Neighborhood









5. Explore your area for a bit and see if there are a suitable amount of what appear to be private residences in the area.

6. If it’s looking pretty well-established, take a look at the location details in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.


Fortunato Peru



7. Because it’s a bit easier to operate, take that location information and drop it into Google Maps

8. Now comes the challenging part.  In your quaint little neighborhood, do some snooping and find an address on the closest home.  You may need to travel around the block a bit to find one visible enough.

Google Maps Address













9.  You should have a full address and can now send this residence a HANDWRITTEN LETTER.  When was the last time you did such a thing?  The handwritten letter is certainly a lost art for most of us, but can be such a rewarding experience.

You might be saying, ‘Dan, thisiscreepytheywontrespondwhatiftheydontspeakenglishIdontwantto-giveareturnaddresswhatifImputonaterroristwatchlist?’.

I don’t care.  Just cut the bullshit and send it.  There’s certainly a high likelihood that any number of scenarios would interrupt our little penpal experiment.  Send it anyways, there’s also a chance that someone could receive your letter and be enthusiastic to respond from across the world.  The risk IS worth the reward.

Here are some things you may want to ask and write about that are a part of my letter:

I would first, of course, give a nice detailed introduction of yourself and make the interceptor feel comfortable.  Tell them about this experiment and that you wanted to learn something new/outside of your comfort zone.  Take a fair amount of time to express what your daily life is like and what challenges you face, also what you are thankful for.  The goal thereafter is to incite the recipient to share the same, and bring you into their world.

Then, if it isn’t too much trouble, come back here and share your experience with others and I promise to do the same.

If and when they respond, share this experience with your family and friends.  Ask them to do the same and compare your results.  If it doesn’t work the first time, try again in a different location.  Start from scratch.  You may just make a new friend from a place you’ll never visit or vacation to and learn something culturally significant.  It’s my GET RICH FAST strategy for the holidays!  🙂

The get ‘fat’ thing?   I imagine you wont need my help in doing so over the holiday season.

Get Fat & Rich for the Holidays

If you’re not selling jelly beans, Lincoln logs, or iPads, the holiday season could...
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