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Music in Advertising

Advertising is getting cool.

That would likely be extremely difficult for consumers to admit, but something that marketers have been proclaiming for half a decade.

As a marketer first and biased consumer second, I haven’t been able to truly realize a shift in cool factor until I had an epiphany today. I’ve discovered some great music within the last year from ads. I suppose it helps that I’m pretty liberal in the types of music I’ll listen to, but a bit of curiousity lead me to do some shallow investigation if other people are finding themselves compelled to search for music they’ve heard in TV & PreRoll Video ads as I am.

The climb in search interest for ‘songs used in commercials’ is certainly an eye-opener. Indeed music has given big brands a major search connectivity. This association of music to brands is certainly not a new practice, so why now? Have marketers simply become better at creating a playlist for their targeted demographic? Are new focus groups sitting around an iPod and picking out their favorite songs?

music searches

Here are 3 cool songs I’ve discovered recently in advertisements:

Song: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour “The Golden Age”

As heard in: Heineken commercial

Song: Sleepwalking by Photek

As heard in: ‘Sleeping Dogs’ game trailer

Song: Alex Clare “Too Close”

As heard in: Microsoft’s IE9 commercial


What are some of your favorite songs from ads?

Music in Advertising

Advertising is getting cool. That would likely be extremely difficult for consumers to...
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