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The California Lottery’s Social Behavior Jackpot

In the recently passed historic Mega-Millions draw, an incredible thing happened that very few Californians may be aware of. I was on vacation in Las Vegas during the draw, but realizing the gravity of the Mega Millions draw, knew that I would be doing myself a great disservice by not, at least, buying a few quickpicks for my 1 in 175million chance at changing the lives of my future childrens-future children.

Well, when I arrived at the usually innocuous border town of Primm, Nevada, this was the scene:

The wait time was an estimated 7 hours from the back of the line to reach the counter. This was a tribe of out of market consumers travelling substantial distance to buy into a grandiose dream. Everyone that I spoke to or overheard in line had a belief that they could beat the odds, overcoming unspeakable adversity to change their lives. It’s that chance and belief that I found so amazing.

The value in spending (or wasting) a few dollars for unlikely odds was completely permissible for all Nevada lottery players, now think about how that translates to any other consumer-product relationship. Is this the same behavioral phenomena that encourages people to buy bracelets that claim improved balance and bloodflow, or that drives miracle dietetics? Where do everyday people find the drive and encouragement to overcome the mental obstacle of 1 in 175million odds?

The California Lottery’s Social Behavior Jackpot

In the recently passed historic Mega-Millions draw, an incredible thing happened that...
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