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The Largest Potential Audience in History

The world is about to get a whole lot smaller…

It’s not often that a company comes along and boasts that it will have the largest viewing audience since the Married With Children final episode (not an actual claim, but you know you watched it). When one does, we must analyze such and either cast them aside as unsubstantiated, or celebrate and drool upon their arrival date.

UrtheCast is a company with a giant-sized stinky-audacious goal, to provide the world with a live feed of…THE WORLD.

Whatever you’re thinking this could be, is probably correct. Urthecast will give you a live stream from the International Space Center of Earth down to a 1 meter resolution. This is nothing short of Google Earth on a tremendous amount of Roids.

Forget Big Brother, Big Sister, or Perverted Uncle, this will be gripping television. Static images are beautiful as discovered in Google Earth/Maps, but bringing them to real-time will blow your mind and change your world forever.
What’s happening on the streets of Tokyo at 2AM?
Natural disasters will have an immediate ‘check-first’ location.
People will see people living their lives without the pretenses of any media layering.
Stalkers will find a new homepage.
Animal activists could find and protect endangered animals with greater ease.
History will be recorded in ways never previously thought possible.

And thousands if not millions of applications that will be explored as UrtheCast will be open to 3rd party development. This is tremendous news for development companies who already have a litany of places to push apps, but will likely jump the queue to be first in line here.

Enough of my ranting, check out the video below and see for yourself!

In what ways would you like to see this technology used? Either for good or for evil?

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ObAMA By the Numbers

Unless you’ve been living in an Internet cave forged out of mute buttons, you know that President Obama conquered Reddit by doing an AMA (ask me anything). In some circles, this appearance is being likened to the Fireside Chats by FDR. Others are commiserating about a lack of professionalism that the President displays by making his presence felt like a Hollywood starlet.

My opinion is that this further constitutes what the rest of us have already known about the Web for a very long time. Your access to anyone-anywhere changes the way we think and interact with people once known for being completely distant. This act put Obama ‘in-reach’ for millions, much like how Twitter brings us close to Bieber and inside the bedroom of Kanye West. The world we live in is one that can be transformative. Obama is not a despondent figurehead-robot. We now know him to be a person and interactive in OUR world.

All-in-all, you can’t deny that when your milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, they’re like, ‘it’s better than yours’.

Here’s a chart of what of Obama’s Milkshake did to Reddit traffic:

Reddit speed and connectivity was spotty during the whole affair, and is still experiencing a greater than expected load of visitors.

For more on the Obama AMA, check out the actual thread HERE.

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Death in the 21st Century

I’ve recently had a loss in the family. Among other things, it’s focused my thinking on how we handle death; much like it has been for centuries the world over.

I know what you’re thinking, but I assure you I’m not pandering for sympathy or tweets & likes. Instead, this is a plea for SCIENCE.

I’m just an idiot looking in and have no grounds or research for the claims I’m about to make, but bear with me for a second. I’ve grown up picking at computers and trying to manipulate them to do things I want them to.

As I understand just the basics of computing, here is how I look at the core requirements of a computer:

You obviously have other parts that add to the total capability of a PC, but for sake of better understanding the topic at hand, let’s keep it simple.

What happens if you take the same thinking and apply it to the world’s most complex computer, the human body?

‘The soul’, used in place of a better-more technical word, is the driving energy source that we all feel that we have and what essentially exits us as we pass on.

We should think of people as computers, because we process tasks in a similar fashion. Our synapes are equivalent to circuits. At our core, there is a binary decision at the lowest common denominator of cognition, but unfortunately we dont care for our data like we would in a PC. We don’t make it transferable, we don’t protect it with fail-safe backup, we allow our data to waste away as our power source extinguishes.

The body is simply a vessel for our data, just as a hard plastic case is for our PC.

How far could we possibly be from being able to thoroughly map and translate the mind and make it live sourceable content? We put a F***ING car on Mars!

Your legacy could become your data. Imagine the potential educational power if Einsteins brain was indexed in the Library of Congress, and made available to the public. Instead, we’ve allowed it to become plant food.

The family becomes stronger with the identity of previous generations remaining intact, the short future could allow for synergy between the brain-data and tools that help us compilate and share content. Eventually we no longer would rely on our own damaged and fail-prone memories to recite the stories of our grandparents to our own grandchildren, the gap could be bridged and we can begin to make experiential progress at a greater clip.

If memory and data transfer to a new energy source we allow the ‘self’ to continue. If we develop mind-mapping technology, then we protect the only thing that ever makes any single life unique and it would be our most valuable possession.

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The Bionic Impetus

We’ve been conditioned to believe that one day ‘The Robots’ will rise up with a sudden burst of self-awareness and capitalize on their impermeable strength and intelligence by wiping out ‘The Humans’.

Robot Attacks City

I’d like to offer a different technological outcome that appears to be travelling on a converging plane. Call me an optimist, but I believe it will be much more palatable for children, comic book readers and doomsday preppers alike: Robots and Humans will reach an evolutionary point that they become nearly indistinguishable in just about every facet of life. It’ll happen very quickly and right before your eyes. In fact, significant advances have made this possibility more a reality in the last few years. Below are a few (out of many) striking examples of how these two worlds appear to be on an evolutionary collision course:

Robot Exhibit #1–Bipedal Mastery

Robot Exhibit #2–Cognition

Neither artificial function has been perfected, but as Moore’s Law hypothesizes, we will continue to make astounding advances in the processing power of robotics. The inherent inevitability is that we will eventually reconstruct the decision making capability of a human-genius within our lifetimes.

Human Exhibit #1–Bionics Improves Lives

Human Exhibit #2–Bionics Saves Lives

If all things hold true to the state of current technology, we can imagine a world where we’re not only granted significant extensions on life expectancy but can even improve upon the existing design of our bodies. The global cultural impact makes our current world seem as inferior technologically as the ‘roaring 20’s’ do today.

The fear of robo-persecution might be based on science fiction, but as we are learning, the same imagination that has created our favorite books, movies, and comic books have begun to influence a smattering of important discoveries in tech.

If you had the opportunity to swap your old-inefficient organic body parts for more powerful prostheses, would you?

Sasha Markow Sasha Markow My thyroid, maybe. I like the rest of my parts.
sandy Redman Sandy Redman Interesting question… maybe my heart so I could love more
Sonya Lipps Sonya Lipps no way man!
marcia katz Marcia Katz I’ve already done it!
Justin Ingram Justin Ingram I will take some bionic legs please:)

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3 Must Know Tech Innovations

Science fiction, Shmience fiction! New technology once thought to be unobtainable or the things of nerdy dreamers are finally within arms reach. Here are a few tech advancements that are on my radar;

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The Largest Potential Audience in History

The world is about to get a whole lot smaller… It’s not often that a company...
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ObAMA By the Numbers

Unless you’ve been living in an Internet cave forged out of mute buttons, you know...
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Death in the 21st Century

I’ve recently had a loss in the family. Among other things, it’s focused my...
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The Bionic Impetus

We’ve been conditioned to believe that one day ‘The Robots’ will rise...
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3 Must Know Tech Innovations

Science fiction, Shmience fiction! New technology once thought to be unobtainable or the...
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