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Social Media Contest Insider


I have the rare opportunity to get an inside look at a strictly ORGANIC driven social media contest. Typically when I’ve launched social contests with ambitious goals, I’ve included media buys to help stimulate the acquisition of leads or entrants. A celebrity factor at the highest level is one that I’ve never experienced in predicting a campaign’s output.

Though my role is nominal, I have an inside look at the current running #LIVELIKEADAM Facebook contest, featuring Adam Levine of Maroon 5. Here are the details of the campaign…

Creative Agency: Cofa Media
Contest Premise: Every submission to receive Adam Levine’s new fragrance will have an opportunity to enter the #LIVELIKEADAM contest; prize package includes a stay at the famous Chateau Marmont in Hollywood, CA.
Campaign Goal: 100,000 entrants
Flight: Feb 4th-7th

The current assets in play are:
1) A Maroon 5 Facebook fan page with over 17 million likes.
2) A Maroon 5 twitter following of 2.3 million.
3) An Instagram following of over 81,000
4) A custom Facebook App that content-locks exclusive details about #LIVELIKEADAM


The difficulty in launching with reasonable expectation.  Post Super Bowl, will fans and followers of Marron 5/Adam Levine be activated and eager to participate?

The total fanship is approximately 20 million, what would you expect the total entrants count to end up?

As early numbers begin to tabulate, I’ll update in the comment thread below.



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  1. dredman

    Over 10,000 in the first two hours of launch. Users were mentioning that the link appeared dead on Facebook. It seems to have been just an issue for non-logged in users. Startling moment…

  2. dredman

    The official Facebook fan page did a post introducing the contest ~20 minutes ago and there are now about 6,000 comments with 400 shares.

  3. dredman

    People that are non-logged in are still commenting that they are unable to enter. Looks like this will be a major takeaway when we recap, as the instructions may have helped us gain a few hundred or more. I would assume this to be an issue from people that have followed an external link to the Facebook destination. Haven’t seen an Official tweet yet, so wondering where it’s come from…

  4. dredman

    If it’s a mobile issue, which it now appears to be, we could be losing out on a HUGE portion of acquirable traffic. Facebook has recently publicized that their mobile usage growth increased by 24% from June to the end of September, reaching 126 million.

  5. dredman

    As high as the link-timed out issue is being announced by users, every third is being responded to by a good Samaritan user instructing that the contest entry CAN be completed via desktop browser. Interesting…

  6. dredman

    There hasn’t been much synchronicity as would help capitalize and a multiplying factor. It’s believed that driving as much social traffic as possible in a short window could essentially multiply your total traffic yield, we are yet to see any integration on the home Maroon 5 site, Twitter, or Instagram.

  7. dredman

    About an hour past the first post on the Facebook fan page, almost 12,000 likes and 800 reshares. This accounts for a combined engagement percentage of just around .07%. We’ll need to hope the value in reshares accelerates our total engagement closer to the 1% mark.

  8. dredman

    When the going gets tough… I’ve stepped up my own share rate on outside networks to attempt to build an additional voice for the campaign. I’ve currently submitted to Digg, Reddit, Twitter, Pinterest, and Inbound to pick up some of the slack. Now if I only had the followership and engagement rate that Adam Levine does.

  9. dredman

    The current feedback trend for users is surrounding the release of the email that gives further contest instruction. It seems as though expectation was to receive an immediate confirmation of receipt or auto-response. I don’t have any insight into the email delivery platform in place for this launch, but I’ll try to find out. Perhaps the delayed release is part of the experience. If so, I could imagine some value from that, granted that people don’t lose their interest in the time it takes for email arrival.

  10. dredman

    Per half of the Maroon 5 fanship resides outside of the United States. It will be interesting to see if there will be a significant tail on the interaction as global communities join the conversation.

    2 hours in– 1,000 shares and over 15,000 likes from a single Facebook post. No sign yet, of cross channel promotion.

  11. dredman

    Calling it a day, Social Media wise. The final update is that the acquisition count is now over 20,000 on only one Facebook post. The post itself has over 1,300+ shares and 21,000+ likes. It’s interesting to note that the ‘like’ count is pacing closely with the acquisition count. I would assume that to mean the conversion rate is extremely high from like-form. Kudos to the creative team at Cofa Media for that early trend. Now if they can just get some social love from the band, this could get interesting.

  12. dredman

    Picking the action back up on Day 2- Not sure everyone was on the same page at the start of the campaign. The community manager has started the day by posting a link to place-to-buy for the fragrance on both Facebook and Twitter, which isn’t necessarily a bad move for the brand as a whole, but it hurts the contest entry acquisition if no additional posts are made about the free fragrance signup. Overnight the like-share count only inched forward, dispelling any thoughts that international traffic would boost us while we slept. The single contest post has 25k likes, and almost 1600 shares. The most important acquisition point now on the fan page is the tile unit dedicated to the contest. I’m unsure what kind of daily visibility they can get with it, but if all things stand as is, that will be the Alamo for collecting signups.

  13. dredman

    Midday update- The Maroon 5 community manager has alerted us that 60% of all of the contest drop off within the conversion funnel is from Mobile sources. This is a giant number and essentially would have the team over the 100,000 acquisition point by a wide gap. Though the share and like counts are remaining steady, comments are still filtering in, bringing the total to over 700 for the single Facebook post. Our effective engagement rate now sits at a .16%, which is more than a 100% increase from yesterdays .07%.

  14. dredman

    We opened Day 3 with news that we had eclipsed the 50,000 acquisition mark. The focus a repost was pushed to the Facebook fan page at 8AM (PST)and has picked up an additional 3 likes, 100 shares, and 80 comments up to this point. The social management team has now focused most of the attention on purchasing the full released version of the fragrance on Adam Levine’s twitter and also via Maroon 5’s Twitter. It’ll be interesting to see if people discover the contest as they either seek out samples of the fragrance or search for additional content about the fragrance in social channels.


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