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We Are Headed for the New Middle Ages (Predicted with Meeker’s Data)


Middle Ages England
You might remember how quaint and intimate it seemed when reading about pre-industrial revolution villagers making their livings and locally sourced the products or materials they used on a daily basis. The town baker had fresh bread every morning, blacksmith did the horse-shoeing/furniture repairs/dentistry while you waited for bread, and in the evening you may take in a play with a cast of characters whom you’d know on a first name basis. Rather than performing a cog-like function in a larger corporation, people simply did the things that their own skill and resource allotted. To an extent, very few people today perform precisely the function that most suits them.

Everything, including job functions, changed with the invent of the factory line and mass production, and then everything once again when the world got smaller via the Internet. Within the next 5-10 years we may be inline to repeat history with a reboot of the Middle Ages marketplace.

If you haven’t taken the time to pick through Mary Meeker’s data analysis and year-end wrap, then you’ll need to. The slideshare presentation which was delivered to students at Stanford can be found HERE.

A lot of reader reaction is focused on the growth of mobile and specifically the dramatic rise of tablets, and their accompanying OS.

Here are a few examples:

Meeker Data 2012


I really could care less about the ‘NOW’ results of this research.

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