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Doing it for this guy…


When I was 4 years old, the world was an entirely different place. I hadn’t yet been influenced by anything but my parents, making almost every experience fresh. I’m finding that working in an environment where you can so easily be distracted by shortcomings, challenges, and people who test your patience this guy 4yr is keeping me grounded.

I often forget how it felt to not think about boundaries as they exist today. There are so many reasons and excuses to not complete a task, or to allow projects to take a turn that I haven’t intended, all the while there still lives a little child inside of me that thinks about the world without cloudy filters. This is the energy that I’ve rediscovered and empowered myself with to keep pushing forward without second guessing actions. The child inside is incompetent and yet to be jaded. It’s simply about doing what feels instinctually right

If you can be your 4 year old for a day, how would you approach your tasks thinking that any amount of magic is possible?

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